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Preparations for winter

Preparations for winter

Prepare your bike for wintertime!

The days are getting shorter, colder and more wet. Winter is coming. Many of us put their beloved 4stroke back into the garage, waiting for next riding season. Other choose to make use of their bikes throughout the whole year. Anyway, make sure that you maintain your 4stroke the right way during winter. 

Will you ride during winter?

Keep the following tips in mind for maintaining your bike during this winter.

Rust protection

Riding through all types of weather means that your bike is exposed to water, dirt and in the worst case even sprayed brine. Not protection your bike is no option. Prevent the metal and chromed parts from rusting by spraying acid-free petroleum jelly on them. The petroleum jelly ensures that the dirt does not reach the metal. In addition, the petroleum jelly can easily be removed together with the dirt. Wax all your painted parts so that moisture and dirt adhere less quickly.
Mudguards are the biggest dirt catchers. Spray a hydrofobic coating into the inside of the mudguards and significantly extend their lifes.
After riding through sprayed brine we highly recommend to clean the bike by washing down with cold water.


Chain lubricant

A chain has a though job to do during winter. Even more so if you don't have a fully protective chainguard. Lubricate your chain every 500km, check the tension and adjust if needed. Clean the chain if it has gathered a lot of dirt. Make use of a brush and some diesel to clean the chain. Or use a special chain cleaner which doesn't degrease the chain too much. The last step is to apply fresh chain lube to the chain!

Tire profile

Grip is extra important driving on wet roads. Therefore, make sure that the tires still have sufficient profile to be able to drain the water.



The sunrises late in the morning and sets early in the evening during winter, therefore check your front and rear light regularly. Adjust the headlight. Make sure the headlight illuminates the road surface well without possibly dazzling oncoming traffic.


Or do you rather put your bike in the garage for a while?

Make sure that you prepare your bike according to the following steps:

Fill up the fuel tank

Fill up the fuel tank with E5 petrol (max. 5% of ethanol). Filling up with E10 has some terrible side effects. E10 petrol degrades very fast because of the high percentage of ethanol. Secondly, E10 attracts moisture which can cause damage to the fuel tank and system. This you really should avoid.

Charge the battery

Batteries might slowly lose their voltage if they are not recharged regularly. Some batteries can withstand long periods of not charging better than others. Avoid a defective battery and charge it with a trickle charger. Tip: always charge a battery in a frost-free environment!

Oil change

When engines aren't running for a long time, the dirt particles in the engine oil will settle. The oil might also contain acids from, for example, exhaust gasses which can reach the crankcase anyhow. Let the engine warm up for a while so that the particles mix with the oil and the oil becomes easer to drain. Drain the oil and refill the engine with the required amount of oil. The most commonly used oil is our Valvoline 10W-40, especially for 4-stroke motorbikes. We offer this oil for permanently competitively price!

Check the tyre pressure

Put the moped away with the prescribed tyre pressure so that they can keep their original shape. A flat or wobbly tyre is not pleasant to ride, although a tyre often gets back its shape after a few rides. Tyre pressure is often 2.25 bar at the front and 2.5 bar at the rear. If possible, put the moped away on the centre stand.

Finally, it is always advised to put the moped away neatly waxed so that dirt does not get a chance to stick to the various materials during the winter months. A protective cover is an ideal way to prevent your 4stroke for getting dirty again.

Good luck!


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  Jelle     18-11-2020 13:00     Commentaires ( 2 )
Commentaires (2)
 Jelle -  20-11-2020

Bedankt Rob voor je aanvulling! :-)

 Rob -  19-11-2020

Wil je helemaal geen ethanol in de brandstof tijdens de "winterslaap" van je plofpony tank dan Shell V Power of Aspen 4-takt. Deze bevatten 0% ethanol.